NaturTejo – Geopark, a secret at the Portuguese border


If we had to choose a place for silence to appease us, it would be NaturTejo.

An encounter with wild Europe in twenty-six thousand and five hundred hectares of forest, where pines, willows and oaks, enormous shady trees, coexist, in a brush retouched multiple green.


Here and there the rustle of the streams or the sound of birds. Apart from a number of small birds, we are surprised by the presence of eagles, storks and vultures, large birds that cross the park. Elusive, the-wild cats and genets inhabit the nooks covered with lavender and rosemary. The Portuguese otter and red deer lurk among chestnut trees and strawberry trees, next to streams of clear water.


The Iberian flora and fauna in an area of countless charms.

Penha Garcia 3