Duration 10H

A ten hour tour that will take you to the Essence of Jewish Sephardic culture!

Visit the medieval Synagogues, the old Jewish quarters, discover the physical marks left in the architecture and the Sephardic legacy  that overhang local culture until our days. Get to know the astonishing villages, where the true History of Portuguese and Spanish Jews is kept! 

Castelo de Vide View from the Jewish Quarter by Essencia da Latitude

Castelo de Vide View from the Jewish Quarter

Sephardic History began 3.000 years ago.
Holders of a unique culture, Portuguese and Spanish Jews formed one of the most important Communities in both countries. With an Iberian essence, they were determinant in the creation and growth of both countries powerful Empires.
Alentejo, the Portuguese golden region, where the immense plain discovers white villages and its ancestral houses, guards the legacy of these Jews. We will take you through the villages of unique beauty, where for a long time reigned the harmony of the promised Sepharad.
We will also take you through the History and walk on the same paths in which thousands of people, who had their lives destroyed by intolerance and violence, walked for survival.
Discover crypto-Judaism, the best kept Portuguese secret guarded for five centuries.
The first stop will be in Spain. “Valência d’Alcântara” was an important medieval village with a big Jewish community. We will take you to visit the Jewish quarter and the Sephardic Synagogue.
Departure toward Portugal, visit Portagem and walk on the same road used by Spanish Jews to get away from Spain, after the Alhambra Decree.
We will take you to Marvão, a charming white medieval village surrounded by stunning landscapes. We will show you the Jewish houses and tell you stories about the Portuguese Jews.
The last stop will be at Castelo de Vide. Inside the medieval castle walls  the evidence of a large number of Portuguese Jews, living in harmony with the rest of the Portuguese, will take you on a formidable trip through a time of tolerance and respect.
Visit the medieval Synagogue, the 15th century Jewish quarter and discover the importance of crypto-Judaism in Portugal throughout history to the present day.
Come with us and discover the true Sepharad!


  • Hotel pickup
  • Valência de Alcântara: Jewish Quarter
  • Valência de Alcântara: 14th/15th Century Synagogue
  • Portagem: 15th Century Tower and Bridge
  • Marvão: Complete Guided Tour inside the Medieval Village
  • Lunch: Free Time
  • Castelo de Vide: Historic Centre
  • Castelo de Vide: 14th/15th Century Synagogue
  • Hotel Drop-off
Marvao Jewish Houses by Essencia da Latitude
Sinagoga Castelo de Vide by Essencia da Latitude
Marvao Castle by Essencia da Latitude

Marvao Castle

Marvão Village by Essencia da Latitude

Marvão Village



Tourist Vehicle


Professional Tourism Driver/Guide


Personalized pick-up and drop-off

This city tour takes place every day.

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Not included: Food and drinks.

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We recommend: Comfortable footwear and clothing.


Meeting point: We will pick you up at your Hotel, Apartment, Airport or Cruise Terminal. For tours setting off from Sintra, Cascais and Estoril please ask for prices.