The Portuguese Coast

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With 1450 km of coastline, Portugal is the country with the longest coastline in Europe. The blue of the Atlantic and the fine sand claim to a space of excellence in a country with an enormous landscape wealth. Completing the maritime landscape, like a frame of golden hues, the dunes establish a natural boundary separating the sea from the land.

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The sands carried by the wind form small elevations like living mountains, which move capriciously to the rhythm of the atmospheric conditions.

More than half of the Portuguese beaches are protected by dunes. The vegetation is fragile but multi-coloured. There are sand evergreens (perpétuas-da-areia), delicate flowers which splash the ground with yellow; dune thyme (tomilho-das-dunas), fragrant and exuberant; sea orach (morrião-grande), which covers the sand with intense blue flowers.

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A diversity that multiplies and covers the immense extension of the Lusitanian beaches.

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